Earth and Environmental Science In Focus Year 12 Student Book

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he student book has been written with full and clear explanations of concepts and a dedicated chapter on how to approach and carry out depth studies at Year 11 and Year 12 has been included, to support students and teachers understanding of the study. Questions within each chapter provide students with the opportunity to review content and end of chapter questions help students to apply, analyse and evaluate content. Additional online resources for both students and teachers include; worksheets, answers and teaching programs.

Table of Contents:

 1 Working scientifically and depth studies

2 Biosphere

3 Geosphere, Atmosphere and Hydrosphere

4 Plate tectonic supercycle

5 Fossils and stratigraphy

6 Natural disasters

7 Impact of natural disasters

8 Preventing natural disasters

9 Variations in climate

10 Variations in climate ' the evidence'

11 Variations in climate ' human activities'

12 Variations in climate ' how to minimise'

13 Natural resources

14 Managing waste

15 Sustainability