OLPS Year 3 Back to School Pack 2021

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The Yr 3 Back to School 2020 Pack contains the following items:  

1 Targeting Handwriting NSW Bk3
3 Clever Kangaroo Activities Scrap Book
1 Exercise Book A4 96Pg Dotted Thirds 18mm
9 Exercise (Binder) Book A4 128Pg with Margin
(Religion, HSIE, Science, English, Writing Draft, PDHPE, Homework, Spelling, Spare)
2 Graph Book A4 48Pg 10mm
6 Glue Stick UHU 40gm
1 Pencils Minerva HB BOX12
1 Ruler 300mm Unpolished Wooden
1 Texta Nylorite Colouring Pens Pk12 (OPTIONAL)
2 Eraser Rasoplast Medium
1 Pencils Coloured Noris Club Pk12
1 Calculator Texas Instruments TI-108
1 Sharpener 2 hole canister
1 Highlighter Textsurfer Asstd Pk4
1 Lumocolor Whiteboard Markers Asstd PK4
1 Crayons Texta Zoom Twist Pk 12
1 Scissors Student Blue Handle 157mm
1 Scissors Student Left Handed 168mm Red Handle